Responsible Play

Since day one, the N.C. Education Lottery has been committed to encouraging responsible play. While the vast majority of players enjoy our games without issue, the lottery recognizes its responsibility to make available information and resources to those who may show signs of problem gambling. The new Play at the Pump feature offered by the NC Education Lottery provides the tools necessary to ensure that an individual is playing in a responsible manner.

Age Verification

To ensure that only players 18 years of age or older play the lottery, first time players purchasing lottery products at the pump are required to be age verified through a state of the art identification and verification process that takes approximately 3 seconds.

Play Limits

There is a lottery play limit at the pump of $70 per week. Players wanting to play the lottery at the pump with their debit card may only play a maximum of $70 per 7-day rolling period.

Accepted Payment Cards

Debit cards are allowed for the purchasing of lottery games only at the pump. In the event a customer swipes a credit card or other disqualified card, the option to play lottery will not be presented. Disqualified cards include: credit cards, Government EBT, Corporate, Fleet, HSA or gift cards.


If a consumer does not want his or her debit card to be eligible for lottery purchases at the pump, they can register their card here on the's Self Exclusion page to prevent any transactions from being allowed on their debit card.

NC Problem Gambling Program

As part of our commitment to promote responsible play, the lottery provides $1 million a year as the only sponsor of the NC Problem Gambling Program. In addition to prevention and outreach, the NC Problem Gambling Program offers the Problem Gambling Helpline to provide information and treatment to individuals and the loved ones of those who may be dealing with problem gambling. Licensed counselors are available 24 hours a day to assist North Carolina residents to coordinate free, confidential in-person or phone-based counseling.

Call 1-877-718-5543 or visit for more information.

If you have any additional questions or concerns please contact Sarah Hardin at 919-301-3602 and or Teri Riddle at 919-301-3304 and